We have a comprehensive plan for saving the ocean's wildlife.

What's our plan?

We will start by educating.

Our global education campaign spreads awareness about the current state of the ocean's fisheries, and sustainable seafood consumption practices. We believe that the fastest way to make changes in the ocean is by educating people about the fish on their plates and how it got there. We are Saving Oceans, are you?

Only 4% of the oceans are currently protected from commercial fishing. We plan to change that.

We have a HUGE problem with only 4% of the oceans being protected! We are advocating the United States government to amend the Law of the Sea Treaty. Our long term goal is to create the Global High Seas Marine Preserve; a globally recognized marine park that protects more than 70% of the oceans from industrial commercial fishing. 

What are the current conditions of the world's fisheries?

A tuna for sale at pier 36 market in Hawaii.

50% of the wildlife in the oceans is gone.

90% of the large predator fish have been killed.

Humans are killing 200,000 sharks everyday for shark fin soup.

By 2048 most of the world's fisheries will collapse.

An estimated 3 billion people depend on fish as their primary protein source.

There are many "pretenders" in the sustainable seafood industry.

About 25% of the coral reefs have been destroyed.

Our Coffee Supports the Oceans

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